2018 Session and Workshop Proposal Form

Deadline: August 11, 2017
The Art House Convergence is inviting proposals for the 2018 annual conference held January 15-18 in Midway, Utah.  The Convergence is seeking proposals which represent the best thinking in all areas to do with independent film exhibition.  

The Convergence invites proposals that
·   Relate to the needs of art house exhibitors or film festivals
·   Have a clear and engaging topic
·   Stimulate audience discussion and interaction
·   Display new ideas and innovations
·   Have a defined target audience
·   Have a defined session format such as: 
             o   Workshop
             o   Panel discussion
             o   Other

The Convergence’s goal is to provide a thought-provoking, diverse and professional program that meets the varied needs of our audience. The Convergence is unable to accept all proposals and may ask that some presenters adapt their proposals to suit the needs of the audience. 

Any questions about the submission process can be directed to makenzie@arthouseconvergence.org







Zip/Postal Code:


Phone Number:


Session/Workshop Title:

Session Type: *

Session Length: *

*Most sessions are 75 minutes, which includes a minimum 10min Q&A.

Session Abstract:

Please enter your session abstract, which will appear in the promotional material if your proposal is selected. (350 character maximum, about 50 words) Abstracts should clearly and concisely identify what will be presented, who the audience should be, and the delivery format. Please write your abstract in the present tense.
Session Description

List the main content points, explain how this content will be delivered, how much time will be allotted for it, and who will lead this topic/section. This is for the review committee to understand your session/workshop and will not be published.
Audience for Session/Workshop

Please select the specific level of knowledge you will expect the audience to have regarding the content. You may select only one:

Outcomes for Session/Workshop

What specific knowledge or skill sets will attendees gain after the session?
Is there anything else that you would like the review committee to know?

Each session room will be set with:
·    a head table for presenters with microphones and table stands
·    a podium and microphone
·    an LCD projector with screen

The AHC encourages multimedia approaches to presentations. If you are proposing to use any additional audio-visual equipment/technology, please describe how it’s integral to achieving your learning objectives. We will work with presenters to determine what technical capabilities will be available at the conference venue.

Non-Commercial Policy *

AHC education programs at the annual conference are learning experiences and are non-commercial. Under no circumstances should a conference workshop or general conference session be used for direct promotion of a speaker's product, service, or other self-interest. I acknowledge AHC’s non-commercial policy and verify that this proposal is in accordance with that policy.
Before You Submit

Does the title communicate what your session is about and who should attend?

Does your abstract support the outline you've proposed?

Is the session/workshop you submitted realistic for the session/workshop length you’ve proposed?

Thank you for submitting your session/workshop proposal. You will be notified by mid-September regarding your acceptance.
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